Peanut butter slippy

Sorry, no food pictures today. I was out of town yesterday and completely remiss in my VeganMofo-ing. Today, the only cooking I’ve done was my late afternoon peanut butter slippy. Stef may disagree with my use of the term, but for me the ultimate in slippies is toasted whole wheat bread, creamy (natural) peanut butter on one side and Earth Balance on the other. It’s the right amount of peanut butter, but not too sticky, salty and slightly melted from the toast’s heat. I’m tempted to make another one, if only I didn’t have yoga in an hour and a half.

Lizard watches as I type. cat

Coming up soon, Red Curry Noodles!


2 thoughts on “Peanut butter slippy

  1. you are correct – I disagree. the requirements are 1 slice of bread, folded. jury is still out on whether a “toasted” slice of bread counts.

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