The obsession continues. Last night, while S and I were trying to fix my effing computer virus, we started making pumpkin and black bean soup. Like fixing a virus, roasting pumpkins and making a soup can entail multiple stages. We began by roasting the pumpkins in the oven and quick boiling a bag of black beans. The recipe is in the following post.

pumpkinsFirst, an homage to our pumpkins standing proudly next to a pumpkin beer.

Stef took this great shot of the pumpkins in the oven. She cut them in half and then baked in them in half an inch of water for about 40 minutes. The neon heating element is just a bonus.
pumpkins in the oven

When the pumpkins were done (aka shriveling and a little brown), S scooped out the seeds and stringy parts, then pureed the pumpkin flesh using our trusty hand blender. I read that you can just leave on the skins, which saves time and possibly nutrients. It also increases the pumpkin’s yield quite substantially. You could do this in a food processor or stand-up mixer, too. We saved the seeds and roasted them with salt, garlic powder, cayenne, for a crispy, savory snack.

Around 12:30 AM, Stef worked on my computer and I attempted to veganize this recipe. I can tell you already, ours looks nothing like this; however, I am quite sure it is delicious and animal-free.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Hey Zoe, yes, the clean up was really easy. We used one metal and one glass dish, but neither had much sediment as we used a good amount of water.

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