Red curry noodles

red curry noodlesI apologize for the delay in VeganMofo posts. I was out of town and then there was annoying *$#! virus problem. Fortunately, thanks to S, the computer is all better and now we can proceed with the important things life, like food.

stirfryThe red curry noodles are very simple to make, but we didn’t use much of a recipe. At the beginning of last week, I made a coconut milk-red curry sauce for stir fried cabbage, carrots, jalapenos, bell peppers, onions, and celery. There is also a lot of fresh ginger and dark soy sauce. The vegetables were especially gorgeous before I cooked them.

The stir fry was ok with rice, but it was missing something to really bring it all together. A few nights later, I added the leftover stir fry to rice noodles, lightly pan fried with sesame oil and soy sauce. So much better! To recreate: lightly stir fry your favorite vegetables in a tiny amount of sesame oil. Add soy sauce, half a can of light coconut milk, several generous scoops of vegan red curry paste, and cook about 5 minutes, or until sauce is heated through. (I like crunchy vegetables.) Boil the water and cook rice noodles according to the directions. Drain and add noodles to the stir fry. Ta-dah!

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