Food memory

Once in awhile, I get a craving for something I haven’t thought of eating or drinking in years. Does that ever happen to you? Today, for example, I’m sitting in the library and I thought of having a nice, hot cup of Evening in Missoula tea. I first had this “relaxing herbal mélange” at Soma when I was a grad student. My fanciful nature at the time quickly brought me to envisioning the black night sky, stars winking awake, one by one. I loved the combination of minty-citrus and earth flavors, both fresh and warm.

You can order this tea from a number of online retailers now, but the best, and in fact “the home” of Evening in Missoula the humble  Montana Tea and Spice Trading. Don’t be fooled by imposters. The real Evening in Missoula contains: CHAMOMILE, ROSEHIPS, RASPBERRY LEAF, PAPAYA LEAF, PEPPERMINT, SPEARMINT, STRAWBERRY LEAF, VANILLA, PASSION FLOWER, ALFALFA, RED CLOVER, STAR ANISE, LEMONGRASS, WILD CHERRY BARK, LEMON PEEL, WINTERGREEN, LAVENDER, and comes in  a black paper bags, with a quaint label, and you can smell the ingredients right without evening opening it.


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