Mofo roundup and dining out

By Thursday, I often find myself in need of some kind of reward, and most often that reward is food. Tonight could be pizza night again!

In lieu of sharing our recipes, here are a few that I’ve been meaning to try:

My Vegan Cookbook’s Best Vegan Pecan Pie. And while you’re over there, try Josh’s Brunswick Stew. It’s delicious!

Melomeal’s Smoked Cheesy Potato Soup and Smoky Pimento Cheese. Gimme!

Let’s not forget, Rhymes with Vegan’s Beer “Cheese” Soup. I think Stef put it best, “This soup marks the beginning of the end of fail year 2010.”

Last, for now, Snarky Vegan’s Pastrami Reuben with Special Sauce.

In other exciting news, I can’t wait to get my free coupons for We Can’t Say it’s Cheese. It’s been available in Raleigh for awhile, but a freebie might be enough incentive for me to drive down to the Earthfare there.


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