New Year’s Eve Feast

We have a few things that should be written up first, but my sister B requested photos from our mini fiesta, so I am skipping ahead. I promise the other posts are coming soon, possibly even later today, now that I’ve downloaded the photos and basically already written up most of the posts.

For New Year’s we stayed in like respectable adults and cooked up some of our favorite foods, nothing fancy, just very delicious twin beans, red rice, guacamole, baked chips, and fresh tomato salsa. YUM.

Vegan spinach dip with black beans and rice

I wanted a giant veggie burger with lots of gloppy toppings and a mountain of beer battered fries. However, there were no veggie burgers in the freezer and I was not going to the store as we just shopped yesterday. Also, store bought veggie burgers are kind of lame compared to delicious, homemade burgers. So while I wasted time before yoga, I decided we should have beans and rice AND some kind of creamy spinach dip. Highly skilled information professional that I am, I ignored all the cookbooks to my right and left, and set about googling such things as “spinach dip” and “vegan spinach.” The boolean operator gods smiled upon me and I thought I had two great recipes that when combined would become the world’s greatest baked dip known to vegans and omnis alike.

Again, with the howevers. First, our hand blender died. It wasn’t a total FAIL in that it still turned on, but it sounded puny and it wouldn’t actually grind up anything. We then had to resort to the cuisinart, which means getting it out of the cabinet, etc. Then nothing tasted the way I imagined it would (I don’t know why I thought something with cream cheese and shredded monteray jack would taste exactly like cashews and rice milk, but I had an idea, just roll with it.) So we added and mixed and fussed and tasted. Finally we baked it and that was that.

spinach dip

Beans and rice with pico de gallo and guacamole

Last night we needed comfort food, and what better than beans and rice, with homemade pico de gallo and guacamole.You can’t really see the beans and rice, but it’s pintos cooked with the rice in the rice cooker, and lots of cayenne. On top is fresh kale and vegan cheeze. The pico de gallo is tomatoes, baby bell peppers, green onions, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The guacamole is avocados (obviously), mashed with lemon juice, tomato, and a little bit of garlic powder, salt and pepper. Extremely healthy and deliciously naughty. beans and rice