Best Black Bean Soup EVER

We’ve probably said this before, but this time we mean it. This soup is the best! And to be smug, we made it with our own homemade beans, which we made in the pressure cooker. The only things we changed about this recipe was to add in 2 bay leaves, omit the cornstarch, and used about 4 cups of black beans instead of 2 cans.

Top this with a little smoked salt and fresh guacamole (avocado, shallot, lemon juice, tomatoes, salt and pepper).

Cornbread and Black Bean Soup

No recipes today, sorry. Use this recipe for vegan cornbread and the Cuban Black Bean soup in Viva Vegan! The only thing we changed was to use a red bell pepper instead of green (cuz that’s what we had on hand) for the soup. Otherwise, just follow the instructions and feast like a queen (or king, what have you). The cornbread would be great with some Daiya , diced jalapenos, or corn kernals, too.