At Home with Ethiopian Food

We finally made some of the dishes from Kittee’s Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! Buy this zine. Don’t be stupid. Unfortunately, we never got off our asses to make the injera fakeouts, so we had to serve this over rice. IT WAS STILL AWESOME.

Even though we waited until the last minute to start cooking, we made the berbere paste (delectable spices) and the niter kibbeh (spiced “butter”) which are the most important parts of the dishes. Then we made the greens and the red lentils. With two of us prepping and cooking, it took under 90 minutes to prepare anything. And now we have leftover berbere ready for the next round. OH YEAH.

Full disclosure, the roasted turnips and potatoes were cooked with Bajan seasoning from Caribbean Vegan, but a little fusion meal never hurt anyone.