Beans, beans in everything

**My Kid Bean looks like this, but about 6 inches tall and without the person inside.

Earlier today, my sister commented that she loved how beans end up in everything featured on the blog, even pumpkin pasta. My sister is also a true bean lover, so much so, that a few years ago, she and my mother ate enough Hanover kidney beans to order not 1, but 2 of the little “Kid Bean” plush toys. Of course, my sister had one first, and then I had to have one.

Beans are full of fiber and protein, tasty, cheap, and can be eaten any time of day. To prepare for my work week, I’ve started making a large tofu scramble on the weekend and freezing it in individual portions. Tofu (obviously) comes from soybeans, and I like to add in pintos or black beans depending on my mood. For lunch and dinner, the bean possibilities are endless: beans and rice, soups/stews, pasta dishes, burritos, burgers, falafel, mixed in a salad, barbecued, baked, blended, mashed. Even eaten straight from the can.

We keep a stock of beans, both canned, dried, and frozen in the house: black beans, pintos, chickpeas, white beans, kidney, lima, black eyed peas. We also are quite fond of pulses–peas and lentils.

Why is this relevant? I’ve been thinking about buying a pressure cooker.

Although canned beans are cheap and healthy, we could (probably) save money (factoring in the cost of the cooker, electricity, water), we would certainly control the amount of salt, and it would save on packaging (thus, less recycling a loathsome task in my opinion.)

More recipes tomorrow!

**Kid Bean photo from The Beantown Gazette.