About Stef and Jennifer

mebaneThis year has been full of experiments. In October, we participated in VeganMoFo again and focused on ginger. Then in November and December we hit the usual blogging lull, but we tried to keep it fresh with tasty salads and some raw foods to beat the winter doldrums. Lately, we’ve been all about tacos and taking advantage of our pressure cooker. Our CSA is just a few weeks away!

We love comments, so if you try any of our recipes, or just want to say hi, please leave us a note!


8 thoughts on “About Stef and Jennifer

    • Me too, I love “meeting” new people on the interwebs! We hail from the quaint, college-town of Chapel Hill, NC. It’s especially nice in the summer 🙂

  1. Just found your site while looking for a cabbage lasagna. Guess what we’re having tonight? But then I noticed you’re from Chapel Hill. Currently I am in Australia, but I hail from Raleigh. Glad to find your site.

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